Tattersall Farm Day

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MVFC members participated in Tattersall Farm Day as part of our push for community outreach. It was a beautiful Fall day that brought thousands of people out to one of Haverhill’s Treasures.

We talked co-op with many families while their children decorated our free, pumpkins donated by the farm at the Corrections Alternative Training School. All 75 pumpkins went home with some very happy kids.

We had our beautiful new t-shirts for sale and passed out membership applications to a few more families. We welcomed about 40 more families to our email newsletter list.

The “what is a co-op” discussion is still a major part of outreach since it has been many years since a co-operative business was visibly active in this area. StrongerTogether.org has a good sheet of “Co-op Myths” to help with concerns: Common Myths About Co-ops

Thank you to all the volunteers at Tattersall Farm for putting together a great, family event.