New funding video project

YouTube_Video_ImgWe have been very busy behind the scenes over the past couple of months getting things ready to launch our co-op video along with a gofundme campaign.

There are two things we need most this year:

  1. New members of the co-op
  2. Money to pay for the professional market study

Many people we met during the past year of outreach were not familiar with the co-op model of business. In response to this dilemma, we rewrote the lyrics to an old tune, and if you listen carefully you might learn something new about food co-ops.

It was a fun project and we got great support from the community. You may recognize some of the participants…

The video was certainly fun to complete and now we have launched a new fundraising campaign. Every dollar will help us get to our goal of raising enough for a market study that will tell us how big and where the co-op will be best located. This is really important information that we need to proceed, so please help us out anyway you can.

MVFC Gofundme page

What you can do:

  1. Share our gofundme
  2. Donate and ask others to donate too, please!