MVFC in the News on WHAV


We have been telling everyone we can think of about building our co-op during “October is Co-op Month”, you might remember an earlier post or two, and WHAV listened. They shared lots of details about our co-op plans, about where we are in the process and where we want to be by 2020. WHAV article

Spreading the word and telling every co-op fan in our county would be great. If everyone who knows and loves co-ops learned about what we are working toward here in the Haverhill area, we would easily have enough members to take the next big step in co-op development. That is why a write-up on WHAV is such a great help.

You can help too. Join, if you haven’t already, and definitely tell a friend about Merrimack Valley Food Co-op. Help us “Build” our co-op.