Cooperation 2017

NFCA 6th Annual 2017MVFC board members attended the 6th Annual meeting of NFCA (Neighboring Food Co-op Association) in March, 2017. Keynote was the memorable Cornelius Blanding from the Federation of Southern Cooperatives. They are celebrating 50 years of work to ensure black land retention and community empowerment in southern farming communities.

Cooperative strength has such a powerful history. We came home inspired to continue the challenge of our start-up work and to create ways to empower our community to become active members of our planned cooperative grocery store. We learn more every time we share with other NFCA members and will strive to bring a clear, co-op message to the Haverhill area.

We are planning two major events this year to give our community the chance to see what a co-op looks like and the positive things a co-op can bring to strengthen our economy, our local food culture, and our health.

Connect with us to learn more!