How 2 Hours Can Help the Co-op

MVFC_Sign_JeffreyMYour wonderful Haverhill Better Block planning committee is so excited that the big event is only one week away, Saturday, May 6th from 11am- 7pm. This is a one day chance to show our community what a co-op can bring to the local economy.

We’ve been gathering delicious samples, creating a fun photo booth to share pics #mvfoodcoop, having cool signs painted by mural artist, Jeffrey Morgan (see photo), and so much more…

Lots of hours have already gone into planning for a successful event. You know you want to be part of it! We are looking forward to showing you our co-op space for this one day, giving you some free stuff, sharing memories on FB and Instagram, and most important – finding more co-op lovers who will join our co-op.

Are you ready for just a bit more? The planners, builders, and painters are all volunteers. You can be, too! We have to build our space on Friday, May 5th and keep the co-op open all day Saturday, May 6th. It is so easy, just raise your mouse and click or thumb type your way into helping for just a couple of hours. We love our volunteers and will make sure you enjoy your time at the co-op.


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