Community Meeting: Let’s Work Together

Merrimack Valley Food Co-op is looking forward to a good community discussion to share ideas about how the future member owned grocery store can benefit our community as a place to connect and engage with our neighbors, help our local economy with new jobs and educate the public about sustainable options and good environmental choices.

If you haven’t seen this infogrstatistics of the positive impact of co-ops from www.strongertogether.coopaphic to the right, this a quick summary of how co-ops benefit their community. Join us to learn more and talk about what you want for our city.

Join us at the May 20th Savor Series with Celeste Oliva 4-6pm or for our next Community Meeting just after the talk on Sunday, June 24 at 6pm. Be part of a positive change in Haverhill.

RSVP here to let us know that you want to be part of the conversation: