Save Food, Save Money: Cook Those Leftovers!

With food waste on the rise in the United States, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re eating all of the edible food in your fridge. But how do you make leftovers appetizing again? Below are some helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of your food – over and over again.

Cook Those Leftovers

The average American dumps 3.5 pounds of leftovers a week, but it can be hard to make week-old food appetizing again. Our solution? Dump the microwave! The secret to making old food tasty is to cook it with care, using the stove, oven, and even the grill. Here are some creative recipes for ingredients past their prime.

All of us are guilty of shoving leftover ingredients to the back of the fridge in favor of fresher, exciting food, but these tips from Save the Food can help revive that perfectly good food into a totally new entree. You’ll find creative recipes from falafel to browned-banana bread! Save the Food also offers simple ways to revive meals gone awry, whether burned, stale, or overcooked.

leftover recipies

Afraid of reheating pasta or rice to dried-out oblivion? Check out these tips for pasta with and without sauce, and perfectly fluffy rice! And these leftover recipes from BBC Good Food help you reuse everything from wilted salads to stale bread.

Even your weekly grocery shopping can make a difference in the fight against food waste. Consider supporting or starting a local co-op grocery store – click here to find one near you! Since they’re run democratically by you and your neighbors, co-ops tailor their ordering and waste less food, and they are leaders in recycling and composting. If you live in Essex County, MA, consider becoming a member of the Merrimack Valley Food Co-op, a start up grocery co-op that will serve the Haverhill, Lawrence, Newburyport, and Methuen areas.

However you choose to reduce food waste, it takes a community to foster change: consider sharing this article with your friends!